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Hairdressing salon benalmadena torrequebrada

Come to know and will enjoy a warm and totally relaxed.
  • Full body massage
    Descontracturantes Massage and is a time of comfort and relaxation for the body, helps to release substances called endorphins, hormones that act as the body's natural antidepressants and they generate positive emotions humans welfare and help us fight pain

  • Feet and Legs
    A good massage on the legs can prevent the onset of many circulatory problems, besides being a pleasant time for the recipient.

  • Reflexology
    Reflexology or zone therapy is the practice of stimulating points on the feet, hands, nose or ears (called reflex zones), based on pseudo-scientific belief that he would have a beneficial effect on other body parts, or that improve overall health .

  • Back and Neck
    This type of massage is recommended in states of exhaustion and constant concern, as it relieves mental fatigue and eyestrain. It is effective to cope better with day to day in a very healthy and enjoyable.
  • Lymphatic drainage
    Manual lymph drainage is a massage therapy technique that is included in the field of physiotherapy and therapeutic massage techniques that addresses the "activation of the superficial lymph system performance to enhance the removal of interstitial fluid and molecules large size and optimize your evacuation. "

  • Stone Therapy
    The "stone teraphy" is inspired by the oriental disciplines, according to which seven chakras are located along the central channel of the body of vital energy centers which correspond to various organs.

  • Sports Massages
    Sports massage is a physical manual to improve performance and care of the athlete

  • Relaxing Massage
    The massages are those aimed at achieving a state of calm in the body, which often can not be obtained naturally. Descontracturan muscles and leave a feeling of relaxation, which had not been possible to obtain otherwise.

In this specialty dedicated to the care and welfare of our customers completely freeing the accumulated daily stress with our best techniques.




Basically focus our work on a completely personalized attention, we will deal with all pleasure to men, women and children, emphasizing always highlight and enhance the personality of each of our clients, using cutting edge techniques and the best products times.

hairdresser benalamdena torrequebrada massage therapy lymphatic reflexology

Unisex Hair Stylist and Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage
We are in Torrequebrada Benalmadena 100 meters from the Casino Torrequebrada  Avenida Europa  Local 13  Urb, Casinomar.
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Horacio Castriota Peluquería y salon de masajes en Benalmádena Costa tlf. 952 56 15 18 Av Europa local 13 urb. Casinomar Benalmádena

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